Walt Disney hooked me on storytelling – at six, I walked out of The Apple Dumpling Gang wishing I could tell stories of my own.  Isaac Asimov turned those daydreams into a mission – at twelve, I read Asimov on Science Fiction and realized I want to be a writer.

Writing is the most pivotal human activity! Broad brush, humans conquered fire a million years ago, tools half a million years ago, articulate speech fifty thousand years ago – but it wasn’t until we could capture our thoughts and pass them on to people far from us in space and time that humanity really started to expand across the planet.

But writing didn’t stop at counting cows and recording lineages – creative writing is the most pivotal kind of writing there is! Humans learn about the world by sharing narratives, not just of what we’ve learned, but of what we might become – so the creation of sustained, realistic, compelling narratives is one of the most important things any human can do.

So, ever since I read Asimov on Science Fiction and realized I could be a writer myself, I’ve been on a mission: to promote creative writing in all its forms, and to help you realize you can be a writer too.

Pictured: The Night of Writing Dangerously.